Parish Nursery



Parish Nursery

 ** Due to COVID, the Parish Nursery is closed until further notice **


St. Mark's loves children! We view ourselves as partners with you and want to do anything we can to make the Liturgy experience for your family enjoyable and rewarding. The Nursery is free of charge and is open to both parish members and guests. Ages range from crawlers, toddlers to pre-schoolers. Our program provides a bridge between infancy and Children's Church, and we encourage all parents to use this invaluable resource. The nursery is open for both the 8:30am and 10:30am Sunday Mass. We do not operate the nursery for the Saturday 5:30pm Mass.

Signing In
There is a sign-in sheet located on the podium next to the Nursery bathroom. We ask that you sign your child in, and place their name on a piece of masking tape to adhere to your child's back. It is not necessary to sign-out when you pick up your child.

Items to Bring
Each child still in diapers should bring a labeled diaper bag with a change of clothes, socks, and diapers. Non-spill types of drink containers/sippy cups are welcome. We ask that food items and toys from home are not brought into the Nursery. Please let us know if your child is potty training and/or needs assistance using the bathroom.

Picking Up Your Child
Please be prompt in picking up your child. We ask that you do not pick your child up early, as the sight of one child's mother or father makes the other children expect their parents as well. Have your children either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before leaving the Nursery - especially if they will be enjoying donuts afterwards!

Supplies and Volunteers
As a method of cost containment, we are looking for donations of hand sanitizer, Lysol, Clorox hard surface spray, and Kleenex. If you have gently used toys that you would like to donate, please speak with Marlene. A volunteer schedule is posted outside the Nursery if you are interested in volunteering. It is not necessary that you volunteer, but help is always welcome. Volunteers should contact Deacon Mike, Pastoral Associate, at 479-1010 to obtain a volunteer application. Volunteers will be needed if one of Nursery Staff has to be out. There must always be 2 adults in the Nursery or it will be closed.

Marlene Games has served as Nursery Supervisor for 20 years and has extensive experience in early childhood development. Renee McCroskey, Paula DeLulla, Kathleen Seddon and Bridget Gerlits assist Marlene in the Nursery each week and provide additional support for select parish events. In compliance with the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, all staff have attended the VIRTUS "Protecting God's Children" training and support a safe, loving environment for our children. Two adults staff the Nursery during Mass. Listed below is the regulations that we, as a program, follow in regard to the hiring of Staff:

A. All Staff hired either have years of experience teaching children in a childcare setting and/or have college education related to early childhood development.
B. All Staff are trained to recognize and report all signs of child abuse.
C. All Staff have a deep love for children and a desire to share God's love with children.
D. All Staff have completed and passed a thorough background check, which includes a criminal history and Child Protective Services registry search.

Questions or Concerns
If you have any concerns with or suggestions for the Nursery, please speak with our Nursery Superviser Marlene Games, or contact Deacon Mike Johnson ( Pastoral Associate ) , during normal business hours in the Parish Office at 479-1010.