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Liturgy Ministries



The Liturgy Committee assists the Pastor with the coordination of all aspects of our parish liturgical celebration. Our goal is to foster full and active participation by the community in all of our liturgies. The committee consists of representatives of each of our sub-committees as well as some at-large members. We meet once a month (usually the first Tuesday at 7pm) for our regular meeting and sometimes have extra meetings for training, planning and environmental setup. The following is a list of volunteer opportunities:


Samaritan Ministry

Visits Saint Mark's sick or home-bound parishioners. Visits are coordinated through the Parish Office at 757-479-1010, and can be made to the home, hospital, or nursing care facility. For more information about the ministry or to become a Samaritan volunteer, please contact Ann-Marie Cochran at 757-621-0699.

Altar Linens

Washing and ironing of Purificators and Corporals and other Altar and Sacristy items used during our Masses on a weekly basis.
If you can help please contact Pat Winner - 615-2759.

Altar Servers

Children who assist the presider with the conduct of Mass. They must have received their First Communion in order to serve in this Ministry. Training sessions are provided for this ministry. For more information contact Jeff Paras - 277-5830

Environment and Art

Plan, design, make or purchase the appropriate flowers, banners, linens, etc. for use in setup the liturgical environment in the church and commons to enhance our worship for each liturgical season (in particular Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter). If you are interested please contact Kate Dougherty - 420-4550.

Liturgy Committee

This Liturgy committee reviews the needs of each liturgical season to decide on the associated decisions for worship planning and help with the set-up and conduct of our various liturgies. They also try to set the tone for Liturgy based on the Liturgical season and give recommendations to Music and Art and Environment.
If you are interested please contact Deacon Mike Johnson - 479-1010.

Liturgical Ministers

Lectors - proclaimers of God's Word, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist - sharing the Body and Blood of Christ for Communion and Ushers - ministers of hospitality. These are the people that visibly serve the community during Mass. A proper understanding and reverence for Liturgy are required to serve in these ministries. Training sessions for these ministries are held 3 or 4 times per year. If you are interested please contact the associated coordinators: Lectors - Deacon John Kren - 479-8956; Eucharistic Ministers - Roberta Bernardini - 424-9725; Ushers - Walt Leach - 748-9958.