Music Ministry



Music Ministry


"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!"  [Psalm 95:1]



The St. Mark Music Ministry provides music for all three weekend Liturgies:

Saturday 5:30 - Family and Friends
Sunday 8:30 - Youth Choir and Cantors
Sunday 10:30 - Adult Choir

The Music Ministry supports Funerals, Weddings, and special Liturgies. Music is selected with support from a Liturgical Committee that takes into account the Liturgical Readings, the Pastors thematic message, and the ability and availability of the musicians. The Congregation is the full choir so all are encouraged to sing out and celebrate in one voice, united in prayer and worship.

To become a member of, or to join any aspect of the Music Ministry Team please contact the parish office. Please note ensembles leaders, Prospective Choir Members undergo a vocal placement hearing. This is about a 5-minute, painless interaction.


This new addition to the Saint Mark Music Ministry consists of a group of guitar enthusiasts willing to learn and grow together in Christ through the art of music. Come join us every other Tuesday at 7 pm in the Choir Room to share guitar technique, knowledge, songs and prayer. We will prepare ourselves to answer the call when needed to support Liturgies, special church events, and community gatherings. Anyone is welcome, just bring your guitar and have fun. We will work on playing together and with the music ministry. Learn more about the Mass, music, chords, and strumming or just come to meet new people. We’d love to have you in this informal setting! No obligation to play for Masses or Special Events, just come, pray and enjoy making music together!

The Saint Mark Chorale

Supports the 10:30 Sunday Liturgy with a full choral 4-part sound. Repertoire ranges from easy to difficult. Singers attend Wednesday evening rehearsals from 7:30 to 9 pm. Singers are expected to match pitch, have basic music reading skills and attend with a positive attitude.

The Saint Mark Angels

Consists of young singers from ages five to eighteen and support the 8:30 Sunday Mass . Our young singers are expected to read, have a positive attitude, maintain self-control and demonstrate respect for their surroundings and neighbors. Children in the Youth Music Ministry will learn basic music skills, a deeper understanding about their faith and the Mass, and gain knowledge about Catholic Liturgy.

There are also some outreach opportunities for singers, providing music at Nursing Homes, Retirement Centers, and Hospitals as requested. Parents are welcome to attend rehearsals with their child and sit with them in the choir section during Mass. Our young singers meet for rehersal in the choir room every Sunday at noon. Some rehearsals run until 12:45.

Family and Friends

In an effort to open opportunities to more members of our community, (especially those with busy schedules, deployments, work conflicts and other issues), the 5:30 Family and Friends Choir rehearses 30-minutes prior to each Saturday Mass. This group invites all to sing together in a short time period.

Please arrive at 5 PM on Saturdays to prepare for the 5:30 Mass.

If you can sight-read quickly, sing melodies, and blend easily, then this group is the answer for those who sing but cannot commit to weekly rehearsals. Cantors are assigned to 5:30 Mass to assist so you will always have support in leading the music.

Saint Mark Cherubs

The youngest vocalists of our community (ages 4 to 6) are encouraged to join the Cherub singers for a simple gathering hymn. 3 to7 year-old children can attend the first and third youth rehearsals of each month at 12pm until 12:20pm. Cherub Singers will learn one Gathering song and sing with our Angels at the 8:30am Mass one Sunday of each month.


Small ensembles are encouraged and rehearse on their own schedules. Groups may consist of vocal or instrumental duets, trios, and quartets.


Perhaps one of the most important liturgical roles in the church is the position of Cantor. Cantors must be members of the Youth or Adult Choirs, excellent sight-readers and possess strong vocal skills. Cantors have the ability to interpret Psalms and maintain a positive leadership personality. Cantors are auditioned and reviewed on a regular basis. Cantor rehearsals are held after The Adult Choir rehearsals on Wednesdays from 9 to 9:30 pm.