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The complexities of modern living have placed great demands on our precious time. In addition, today's culture tries to compel us toward individualism and self-indulgence. Yet these forces have not freed us from either God's plan or your need to care for his people and his church.

Here at Catholic Church of Saint Mark, we pursue our stewardship of our church, our community, and our world as a way of life. We believe in our mission. There are needs to be met and if we don't meet them, who will? Therefore, we present opportunities for our parishioners across a wide spectrum of service to ensure that all have a chance to give of themselves. Whatever your talent or whatever your available time--weekend, weekday, or evening; from your home, in your neighborhood, or at church--we have provided something for you.

Each of our ministries at St. Mark's falls under the cognizance of one of our four standing committees. This provides continuity, sharing, recruitment, and support. Follow the links to these opportunities through the main menu above. If you can't quite picture what a ministry is about or you think you might be interested and want more information, don't be afraid to ask or attend the monthly meeting of the committee itself and meet the dedicated people who lead these ministries. We won't pressure you or embarrass you if you don't feel it's for you.