Sunday Reflection


Sunday Reflection from Father Anthony

Sunday ~ July 12th, 2020




I welcome you to this15th Sunday in Ordinary time!

This weekend as the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of its founding. What a joy for us to live to see this history in the making! As we look back in the many years that the Catholic faith has taken root in this diocese, it is with gratitude and the spirit of joy to be part of this celebration. The events of the times now, especially with the global pandemic, cannot in anyway dampen the joy of faith within this diocese, because the seeds of faith were sown in good soil. Today we reflect on the parable of the sower, where different seeds fell in different places. Some seeds were choked by the thorns, others scorched by the sun, others eaten by the birds, and others didn't get deep enough. The seeds that fell on good soil were able not only to produce plentiful harvest, but also an abundance of fruits at the end.

In the last 200 years of our diocese, we have witnessed the growth of God's kingdom through the cooperation of so many co-workers in the vineyard. The word of God was planted in each one of us, because we all belong to God. It is our duty, therefore, to cooperate with God and remain loyal and faithful to the kingdom of God. We have to fight the bad by doing good! Even as we speak, God continues to plant His word in each one of us and we must prepare our hearts daily to receive this word. Those who listen to the Word of God and make it yield fruit will be victorious over all evils, especially today. We must make a commitment today. in the darkness of our world to shine like stars!