Sunday Reflection


Sunday Reflection from Father Anthony

Sunday ~ September 20th, 2020


Welcome to this Sunday, the 25th in the Ordinary Time (year A). It is another blessing that we can celebrate the love of God for his people. We are the people he has made and what a privilege to belong to his kingdom.

Today, Jesus teaches his disciples the parable of a landowner who hires laborers for his vineyard, as he wishes, at different times. As it turns out, he paid all the laborers equally at the end of the day, which caused those who came earlier to grumble and feel cheated. Jesus wanted to teach his disciples and he teaches us too that all people, no matter when they enter the kingdom, are equally precious in the eyes of God. The reward of the Kingdom of God is not based on the time served, but rather the grace that God himself gives to every individual. What matters most is the willingness of those who are called to be part of the Kingdom and the efforts put in working towards it. Many people could be doing the same jobs and working for the same company but are they all willing to sacrifice in the same way? I doubt it, yet if it is the same organization for which they are working, the spirit should be the same. God’s generosity extends to all and it has no limits. God is just and faithful to us all and never fails to keep any of his promises. “You too go into my vineyard, and I will give you what is just.”

So, today we are reminded that our role and duty is to go to the vineyard and do what we are called to do and it is none other than the will of God. Let us always rejoice with those who receive good things, for envy and jealousy have no room in God’s Kingdom.