Sunday Reflection


Sunday Reflection from Father Anthony

Sunday, November 17th 2019



We are almost coming to the end of the liturgical year C and this doesn't surprise us that Jesus, in today's Gospel, reading is predicting the destruction of Jerusalem and the world! Jerusalem was a great symbol God's presence, mercy , love and greatness. So when Jesus talks about the destruction of Jerusalem and the consequences of rejecting his message, it was a wake-up call to his listeners to be alert and make good choices in life. The message is not necessarily to scare and cause fear in people's lives, but rather to proclaim salvation. Jesus wanted to give them courage in the midst of so much distress. Awaiting God's kingdom and the final judgment is a deterrent from making wrong choices, as well as, longing for his grace and mercy to all who heed his call! We have to practice our faith, diligently, without giving up even in the midst of persecutions and challenges. Perseverance should always be part of those who believe in God for it is a sign of faith and trust in God. Salvation comes at a cost and if it is our goal, let us have the courage to focus on the joy of salvation other than the trials of the present life.

May the Lord grant each one of you the gift of perseverance in faith especially today.