Sunday Reflection


Sunday Reflection from Father Anthony

Sunday, September 15th 2019




The difference between God and human beings is that God finds it easy to forgive! Every time Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees, he took it as an opportunity to teach them and to bring the best out of them. He responded with wonderful parables like the ones this Sunday that is the parable of the lost sheep: the parable of the lost coin and the parable of the son gone astray. The parables reveal much about the character of God; loving and forgiving! Jesus illuminates not only the father's forgiveness, but also the joy he experiences to see his son come home! The parable of the lost sheep is another which portrays Jesus the Good Shepherd who makes so much sacrifice and risk for the lost sheep. This kind of love is out of the Normal, but he still does it! Again, there is great joy in heaven, because of the conversion of the one sinner. This too is another example of Jesus' love for everyone who makes the effort to become better. It is always okay to know that we need help and ask for it! In the same way, with the lost coin: it is not only about the value of the coin, but the meaning attached to the coin that matters more to the owner! Losing things can be very disturbing and above all losing a child. That is why this passage is entitled the parable of the lost son! The lesson is very clear and it is centered around the mercy and love of God to those who having lost their way, can make a comeback. Let us ask God to give us the courage to always find our way home in him our Savior!