Sunday Reflection


Sunday Reflection from Deacon Mike Johnson

Sunday January 20th, 2019



Welcome back to Ordinary Time in our Liturgical Year!
This weekend, we hear the wonderful story from the Gospel of John of the "wedding feast in Cana". It is the third Sunday in a row we have another manifestation story of Jesus divinity. This time with his first miracle -- changing water into wine. Whoever heard of such a miracle of changing the nature/composition of water into wine. It brings to mind three Sacraments we richly celebrate in our Church. With the water in the stone jars we are reminded of our Baptisms. In its own way, it reminds us of the Eucharist, as through the words of Jesus the bread and wine are changed to become his Body and Blood, through which we all receive his "graced" nourishment. Many wedding couples choose this Gospel passage for their Sacrament of Marriage, for Jesus blessed this particular marriage with his presence and desire his presence to bless their Marriage as well. Finally, we see the special influence our Blessed Mother had on her Son and why we pray for her intercession to Jesus in our prayers. May we all be open to the many messages we receive in this great Gospel passage and how we too are changed through the words and power of our relationship with Jesus the Christ.