Sunday Reflection

Sunday Reflection from Father Anthony

Sunday July 22nd, 2018

Welcome to this Sunday!

The apostles returned from the mission to which Jesus had sent them to preach the good news! Then they began to report to Jesus all they had done and taught. Jesus realized that they were tired and he took them to eat and to rest. We notice that Jesus is so concerned about everyone. But even when he thought it was okay for the apostles to take a break, the people who needed them just kept coming in large numbers! He saw them beyond their physical needs and he took pity on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd! Jesus says he is a good shepherd and indeed he is! He had compassion for the sheep. He felt compassion for the sick. When the people were hungry and tired, he performed a miracle to feed them and he healed the sick. The compassion of Jesus towards those who are in need especially the sick and the poor, helps us to understand our Christian commitment and to do the same! We must never stop to take care of the marginalized and the downtrodden in our society. We cannot just look on, we can say something as well as do something to make the situation better!