Sunday Reflection


Father Anthony's Sunday Reflection

For November 28th, 2021 


I welcome you to this Sunday and the beginning of the season of Advent. This season marks the beginning of the liturgical year and at the same time the season for the preparation of the Nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Many will agree with me that it has come so soon and before we know it, these four weeks will be gone. Advent is a time of joyful anticipation and preparation for the coming of the Lord this Christmas and at the end of time, which we know as his second coming.

The message of Jesus in today’s Gospel reading is a warning about the strange things that are bound to happen. Jesus is calling upon each one of us to be vigilant in prayer and in hope not to be taken by surprise.

We have an opportunity again to celebrate another Christmas this year. The way we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth will be the same way we receive him at his second coming. The reason Jesus is telling us to be vigilant at all times, is because we do not know the time of his coming. However, not knowing the time should not scare us and make us afraid because Jesus’ coming brings joy. We should be happy as we wait because we are prepared enough to meet him.

Being fully awake helps us to realize the most important things to do like taking care of the needs of others, which brings joy. Let us together, walk this path towards new life in Jesus by listening to his word and keeping it! Let’s stay awake!