Sunday Reflection


Father Anthony's Sunday Reflection

Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 9th 2021


Welcome to this 6th Sunday of Easter which also happens to be Mother’s Day! The Gospel reading this Sunday is a continuation of last Sunday! It is about Jesus’ last words to his disciples, “Remain in my love.”

The success of Jesus’ ministry was possible because of his close relationship with his Father. He therefore wishes that his disciples can indeed succeed after his departure, and is the very reason why he emphasizes to them the importance of remaining in his love in their discipleship! The work of discipleship is not just about doing or saying this, rather what comes after. It delves into the interior lives of the disciples and what Jesus meant to them. There is some high level of intimacy that they needed to have between themselves and Jesus. When Jesus says, “Remain in my love.”, he had showed them the true meaning of love which they should never escape from. This form of love was kept through the commandments that he gave them just as he had kept his Father’s commandments!

The disciple must imitate the master just as the branch is drawn from the stem. This commitment to God’s commandments has its rewards as Jesus said, “…whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.” We need to know that keeping God’s commandments is a commitment to love. If we have been loved and fully understood what love means, we can easily love others and we will be joyful.