Sunday Reflection


Father Anthony's Sunday Reflection

For Sunday, August 7th 2022 
19th Sunday of Ordinary Time



I welcome you this 19th Sunday in the Ordinary time.

Jesus’ message to his disciples is not to be afraid. The work of the servants is to wait on their master ready to open the door when he comes. Being Christian is like being a servant that has been entrusted with a duty and the master is waiting. Being a servant is also an honor because we have the key to the door. This must always be attended to for whoever comes and wishes to enter. This means that there is no way a servant can doze off; he or she must be awake all the time. When the master comes and finds his servants waiting, he will reward them; but if he finds them asleep, he will be disappointed. Being ready to welcome Christ means doing his will all the time. Not to do the will of Christ, will be denying oneself the opportunity to dine in the heavenly banquet. It is a Christian duty for everyone to be a faithful and prudent steward. And how do we know how to be one? It is very important to understand that we have all been given those talents and gifts which we need to put to good use. We must look around us to see the needs of others and if there is anything we can do, we must do it. This is the ticket that will give us access to the heavenly banquet. As we await on the Lord, let us do something as we wait.