Sunday Reflection


Father Anthony's Sunday Reflection

For September 19th, 2021 


I welcome you, dear friends, to this Sunday!

Jesus’ words to his disciples are rather hurtful, “The Son of Man is to be handed over to men and they will kill him, and three days after death the Son of Man will rise.”
I can’t imagine what it felt like hearing these words for the first time. The most striking word from this text is ‘death’! Jesus’ foretelling about his upcoming death to his disciples was done in preparation to help them know and understand the truth. Although the message was too hard for them to grasp, they couldn’t even begin to ask him!

Jesus had just prophesied about his own betrayal and crucifixion and this didn’t even shock them! Instead they were more engulfed in the most petty discussions about who was the greatest and the ambitions in their minds. At this moment, Jesus takes the opportunity to tune their minds up to his expectations when he suddenly embraced a child to show to his disciples exactly who was the greatest in the kingdom of God. It is the one like a child, the one who is humble and lowly of heart who is the greatest. Jesus himself is the model of this kind of person. He came not to be served but to serve and that is the example he wants his disciples to take.

As human beings, the appetite for greatness and glory is very much engrained in us. Who doesn’t desire to be great? As long as we are human we do, the only difference is that when we get to greatness as Christians, we must remain humble. We must be able to tame those ambitions because they can cause us to sin. May we always humble ourselves and empty ourselves of all that is not godly and only then will God fill us with his own glory.