This Week At A Glance



This Week At Saint Mark




MONDAY, July 22nd

10:00am                              Food Pantry in the Great Hall
7:00pm                                Marlene Skiptunas Funeral (Reception to follow in Great Hall)

TUESDAY, July 23rd

8:30am                                MASS
6:00pm                                Altar Server Training in the Sanctuary
7:00pm                                Eucharistic Minister Training in the Sanctuary

WEDNESDAY, July 24th

10:00am                               Food Pantry in the Great Hall
7:00pm                                 MASS

THURSDAY, July 25th

8:30am MASS
9:30am                                  Plarn Ministry in the Great Hall
7:00pm                                  Finance Council Meeting in the Conference Room

FRIDAY, July 26th

9:30am                                  Moms Group in the Conference Room
10:00am                                Food Pantry in the Great Hall

SATURDAY, July 27th

5:30pm                                  WEEKEND MASS

Sunday, July 28th

8:30am                                  WEEKEND MASS in the Sanctuary
10:30am                                WEEKEND MASS in the Sanctuary